My dearest little sister,

It’s been ages since the last time we met in the little park in my dream, I’ve missed you so much. I could still feel the warmth of that day, not only because it was a sunshine afternoon in summer, but also your lovely smile. 
I have to say that you decided to born in Japan was a great idea. I can not help to imagine that you were wearing a kimono and walking through the path of sakura when you were a little girl. Try to imagine how I wish I could be there and watch you grow up, will you? I always wonder how it would be if we have lived together with our parents during the childhood, have you ever think about it? Maybe you would be bullied by the naughty boys in kindergarten, of course, it was because you were the cutest one in your class and they were trying to draw your attention. I definitely would try my best not to kick them, instead, I would tell them the right way is to bring you some flower for an apology and start to make friend with you. Besides, I know you would forgive them because you have the most beautiful and gentle heart in the world. 
Now you are grown up, everything is on your own, promise me that you will take Great care of yourself, ok? I understand that you always trying to be tougher than who you really are, you never ask for help from anyone, but you still have me, your big brother. No matter best or worst moments, I will always be here and listen to you. 

With Love,
Your big brother

My beloved elder sister,

How is it in Taipei? Is it rain much in the winter? Or big storms in summer? You have to forgive my ignorance, my sibling. For me, the concepts of Taipei were all came from the songs, the news, and the dreams. You must wonder, what were all those dreams like? Well, I remember most of them happened with rains, grasses, bicycle, and your umbrella. I know that I was the trouble maker, always make our parents angry, but the truth is, I would listen to you only. I miss you, I want you to be back. Every time after school, you always bring your umbrella and wait for me outside, rain or not. I would tell you about those boys always find me some trouble and how I pay back on them, you were just taking out the bandage and stick it on the wound. 
Why you absent my life? 
Sorry, I know you are very busy, I just miss you. I hope you all the best, maybe reply me from time to time? I just want to say that I love you, and I will always be, no matter you are here or not. Please be well, I know you will come back for me, soon or later. I will grow up, and then I will protect you, till your knight find you.

With love,
Your little brother

My dear little brother,

You are so lucky to have me as your brother. I do not care that if you would ever take the love of our parents from me, I will spare mine to you. I can tell that you are my brother from your two little eyes. Those shining eyes are exactly the same size as mine. Never think you eyes are too small, they are the best things you ever have. I will take a lot of photographs of you and me, to record your growth. I will try not to use flash light, but please do not move whenever I am about to shoot. If you want any suggestion about how to find a girlfriend, you know where to find me.

With love,
Your big brother

Dear big brother,

How are you? It has been too long that we have not spoken to each other. 
I am writing on behalf of myself, not our parents.
You know, they really want you to be back.. 
Whatever they said to you, they did not mean that.
You need to forgive them. They are aging. 
Tell me the flight if you will return, I will pick up you. 


Your little brother